A tool to caliber the performance of all business and enrich the business to high productivity” Call Management
  • Cloud EPBAX
  • Custom IVRS
  • Call Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Employee Management

Professional Tools for Your Business

Here the main features of our App
Call Management
Measure performance and enhance the productivity of your business by getting real-time call reports. Never miss any business call and route all the calls to the right department with a call management system. Make your business phone system a new breed by taking it on the cloud. Attend all the business calls without missing them and installation of hardware. Empower agents to create a better customer experience. Manage all your business calls round the clock. Track and record these calls to maintain superior customer experience and service. Connect with callers anytime and every time they make a call.
Employee Management
This tool will ensure to increase the productivity by monitoring the real active hours an employee during work hours. Tracking the time spent on a task will provide you with information you can use to optimize all working hours inside your organization. This centralized insight is what every good employee management system should offer. Plus, you should also look for a system that provides:
• Optimized workload and streamlined admin tasks
• Data security
• Increased employee engagement
Ticket Management
The Klick App help ticket management system integrates all the tools necessary to ensure prompt and seamless resolution of customer inquiries. The more you automate, the more your service reps can focus on what is important creating exceptional customer relationships. Our help desk ticketing system enables you to automate processes that are best managed through system driven resources, so your service team can focus on engaging customers and helping them get the most out of your product.
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